Full factory assembled.

​Experience the superior handling, performance and cabin space. 

​Available in both Classic and Evo configurations.

Ships with or without your choice in crate engine and gearbox.

10 000km guarantee on materials & workmanship.

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a modern space-frame chassis and suspension
designed for vastly improved high speed
handling and road-holding.

Super-stiff and Super-strong, space
frame, welded by aircraft
manufacturers. Provides better
safety and is 3 times stiffer than the
old ladder frame designs used by our competitors...

Steel foot wells for increased protection.

Sophisticated suspension system
features anti-dive and anti-squat
geometry, reduced un-sprung
mass and adjustable rear tracking
for optimum road holding.

Floor pan now 4 inches (10cm) lower for

improved space and driving position.


Customizable Styling to  match your style,

choose between the Classic Cobra or

the Evo, with updated instrument layout.

Most spacious Cobra on the market.

Refined body contours and optimal new
instrument binnacle, allowing driver to read
the instruments quickly and safely.

The high speed handling has been greatly improved, it
feels safe and predictable - like a fast sports car should.

The 4 inch (100mm) lower seating position has enabled
us to rake back the windscreen to
reduce the

wind buffering in the cockpit.

Our new more stable composite body design and new

heat resistant epoxy vinyl ester high impact
strength resin eliminates the problem our competitors have with surface ripples and waves which often spoil the
surface finish of car bodies made of cheaper materials.

The fuel tank is fully baffled internally and made from grade 304 stainless steel.
The new flush mounted aero style fuel cap is lockable.

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