We love Land Rovers.

This is why we have rolled up our sleeves and created  the FARM / ROVER : ANT.

The ANT is a tribute to the great Land Rover Series II.

It is a small and very enjoyable vehicle, and we have put it together in a manner that all Land Rover fans will enjoy - it is just as easy pull take apart and customize in the way you want!

Keep the roof on, add a canvas top. Why not take the roof off completely and enjoy the breeze! All these changes take just a couple of minutes. 

The ANT is built to be enjoyed, driven and to remind us of the great vehicles of the past!

Pricing for the ANT starts at R 174 950

This is for a fully running model in the color of your choice, fitted with engine.

Optional extras are:

- Canvas Top

- Railings

- Game Viewing Seats for 2

- Closed Canopy